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Welcome to Nova Industry Ltd.

Specializes in Electrical Insulation Laminates & Machining.

Founded in 2001, Nova industry specilizes in manufacturing & machining Electrical Insulating Laminates for electrical, mechanical ,and PCB industries, we supply following products with excellent quality at competitive prices:

* Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate (G10/G11/FR4/FR5)

* Phenolic Paper Laminate (XP/XPC/XX)

* Phenolic Cotton Fabric Laminate (C/CE/L/LE)

* Carbon Fiber Laminate

* Epoxy Rod / Tube

* Phenolic Rod / Tube

These kinds of  thermoset composite materials are created from thermosetting resins combined with various base materials like alkali-free glass fabric, kraft paper, woven cotton fabric, or carbon fiber under high pressure and heat.                                

 They have high mechanical strength, good electrical loss properties and superior electrical strength properties. All products meet ISO9001-2008 & widely range of applications as follows:

•Generators             •Switchgear               •Washers

•Bus Bars                 •Backup board           • Bushings

•Transformers           •Circuit Boards          •Terminal Strips

•Vanes                      •Panels                      •Sockets

•Rollers                     •Terminal Strips         •Motors

•Spacers                    • Gaskets                    •Gears

•Sleeves                    • Helicopter model      •Rotor Blades

Standing for complete solution, custom machine including cutting, milling, routing, slotting, drilling, turning, sanding, are available.                                            

From prototype to full production runs, all works are performed on CNC high speed machines or lathing machines, providing you with high quality insulating parts, maintaining tight tolerances to 0.005”, and on time delivery. Additionally, all products are strictly inspected according to our quality assurance system before delivery.

No matter what industry you work in, Nova Industry has high quality insulation for your demanding applications. Join our growing list of satisfied customers, and send us your inquiries today.

We shall be your greatest partners!